Community education and outreach is a fundamental part of Sea Sense work.  Sea Sense has an ongoing programme of education and outreach targeting all sectors of the community including village leaders, fishers, women’s groups and school pupils. Sea Sense uses a variety of media to spread marine conservation messages including educational workshops and seminars, community theatre, film and debate evenings and distribution of t-shirts, posters and leaflets. 

School Education Programmes

Sea Sense focuses on the delivery of creative and innovative environmental education programmes in schools to foster a conservation ethic in young people.  The Sea Sense team visits local schools to teach marine biology to both primary and secondary students, covering topics such as sea turtle biology, dugong conservation, sustainable fishing and waste management.  Art, drama and song are used as tools to support learning together with peer to peer education programmes.

Community Events

Each year Sea Sense organises community events to coincide with World Environment Day (5th June), World Oceans Day (8th June), World Sea Turtle Day (16th June) and World Fisheries Day (21st November).  The events combine fun games and challenges with more focused conservation activties such as beach clean-ups and tree planting.  School pupils are invited to perform song and drama pieces at the events covering issues such as sea turtle slaughter, plastic pollution and sustainable fishing.  Through these community events Sea Sense is able to reach a large group of people across all age groups, genders and backgrounds. 

Theatre for Development

More recently, Sea Sense has adopted 'Theatre for Development' (TFD) as a tool for delivering educational entertainment in rural communities. TFD 'artists' are recruited from coastal villages and are trained in story-telling and role playing, focusing on issues of local concern. The issues are then acted out in a series of small drama pieces, designed to provoke discussion and debate amongst the audience. TFD is a successful and engaging way of stimulating changes in attitude and behaviour and always attracts a huge crowd!