Navo leads the Sea Sense team and is responsible for the overall management and strategic development of the organisation, to ensure that our work is well aligned with national biodiversity priorities.

Julitha joined the team towards the end of 2019 and has brought signifcant expertise to the team as a result of her extensive background in fisheries management.  She provides managerial support for the Executive Director as well as providing oversight of all field programmes.

Dulla is responsible for our fisheries management projects in Kilwa and Lindi Districts. He works closely with fishing communities to strengthen their capacity to manage marine and coastal resources sustainably.

Omari has worked for Sea Sense since the very beginning in 2001. He lives and works in Mafia Island and plays a critical role in all of our community conservation programmes. He has an infinite supply of knowledge and wisdom and his tireless efforts have had a real impact on coastal communities in Tanzania.

Salum began working for Sea Sense in 2001 as a Conservation Officer in Mafia Island.  He has become a much valued member of the team and is a talented MC for our community education and outreach events.

Evans provides much needed finance and admin support for the Sea Sense team.  He ensures that all day to day expenses are properly recorded in the accounts system, keeps all of our accounts documentation in order and generally makes sure the office runs smoothly.

Esther undertook her undergraduate field attachment with Sea Sense as part of her BSc in Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries at UDSM and then completed a six month internship.  She is now employed as a Project Assistant and is leading a data verification process as part of our review of 20 years of sea turtle nesting data.

None of our work would be possible without Mbwana!  He drives the Sea Sense team up and down the coast to all of our project sites and has kept the Sea Sense team safe on the roads for more than 16 years!

Lindsey worked at Sea Sense for 11 years and now consults for Sea Sense as a Technical Advisor.  She is responsible for guiding the scientific endeavours of the organisation and providing support on technical aspects of programme design.  Lindsey is a member of the IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group, the IUCN Sirenia Specialist Group and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Turtle Task Force.