Bloomberg Philanthropies

Through their Vibrant Oceans Initiative, Bloomberg is supporting Sea Sense efforts to protect coral reef habitats and reduce illegal and destructive fishing practices.  Sea Sense is working with community fisheries managers in Lindi Region to establish locally managed marine areas, known as Collaborative Fisheries Management Areas, and develop five-year management plans. 

Blue Ventures

Blue Ventures is supporting capacity building programmes for community fisheries managers in Kilwa District.  Sea Sense is providing a comprehensive training programme with modules on Marine Ecosystems; Fisheries Management; Governance and Leadership; and Bylaw Formulation, as well as supporting the establishment of Collaborative Fisheries Management Areas.

Minara Foundation

Minara Foundation provides much needed support for the day to day running of the Sea Sense office in Dar es Salaam where all projects are planned and coordinated from.  

International Seafood Sustainability Foundation

ISSF continues to support a Conservation Officer network to protect nesting turtles in Kigamboni District and funds our efforts to reduce threats to turtles from bycatch.  Sea Sense is working with community fisheries managers and we are providing training on simple techniques to release entangled turtles from nets.  ISSF is also supporting Sea Sense to conduct awareness and sensitization activities at migrant fisher camps to address the high level of turtle meat consumption at the camps. 

Letz Sushi

Letz Sushi is a chain of restaurants in Denmark that serve fully certified sustainable and responsible seafood or fish from gentle inshore fishing. They are committed to the environment, above and below sea level, and support Sea Sense through their 'Turtle Club', making a donation to Sea Sense every time they sell a children's menu. 

WWF Tanzania

WWF Tanzania contributes support for our community-based sea turtle monitoring programme, including the annual nesting green turtle population assessment, which takes place during the peak nesting months of April and May.   

Fondation Ensemble

Fondation Ensemble is supporting our efforts to reduce threats to nesting turtles from solid waste pollution in Mafia Island.  Secondary school pupils are helping Sea Sense Conservation Officers to remove solid waste from nesting beaches and conducting waste audits.  Data are being analysed and used in the design of community awareness posters for schools and fish landing sites to promote the 4R principle: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle.

Convention on Migratory Species 

The Convention on Migratory Species has awarded Sea Sense a grant to undertake a series of community-led activities that address key threats to dugongs and seagrass, and encourage collaboration between stakeholders.  The project is being implemented in the Rufiji Delta and will focus on building capacity for seagrass conservation and management amongst community-based fisheries managers. Our project will also include a community outreach event on World Dugong Day (28th May) to raise awareness of the importance of seagrass for both wildlife and people.