UKAID, through the Accountability in Tanzania (AcT) Programme is funding a project to build climate change resilience in small scale marine fisheries in Tanzania.  Sea Sense is utilising the FAO Voluntary Guidelines on Small Scale Fisheries (SSF Guidelines) as a framework for strengthening fisheries co-management, improving gender equality in small scale fisheries and raising awareness of the impacts of climate change on fisheries. 


USAID is supporting Sea Sense education and outreach projects in Mafia Island and Tanga, two of Tanzania's most important marine biodiversity hotspots. The projects use creative and innovative behaviour change communications to promote local stewardship of marine biodiversity through access to information and learning opportunities.

Minara Foundation

Minara Foundation provides much needed support for the day to day running of the Sea Sense office in Dar es Salaam where all projects are planned and coordinated from. 

Songas Ltd

Funds from Songas Ltd are supporting capacity building on marine resource management and conservation for coastal communities in Kilwa District where heavy fishing pressure is causing the degradation of the very habitats that support fisheries production and sustain local livelihoods.   

International Seafood Sustainability Foundation

ISSF continues to support a Conservation Officer network to protect nesting turtles in Kigamboni District and funds our efforts to reduce threats to turtles from bycatch.  Sea Sense is working with community fisheries managers and we are providing training on simple techniques to release entangled turtles from nets.  ISSF is also supporting Sea Sense to conduct awareness and sensitization activities at migrant fisher camps to address the high level of turtle meat consumption at the camps. 


Nestled within the Shungi Mbili Island Marine Reserve on the west coast of Mafia Island, Thanda Island is leased by Thanda Tanzania Limited. The Thanda team is deeply committed to conservation and is partnering with Sea Sense to conserve and protect the rich marine ecosystem in and around Mafia Island. Thanda is supporting our sea turtle, dugong and whale shark conservation work, together with our education and outreach programme so that we can continue to engage local people in conservation and promote sustainable coastal livelihoods.